The entire range of market structuring is shifting the online way. The customers are looking beyond conventional shopping and are now looking at online shopping for a wide range of products and services. The whole market for products and services is going through structural change. This has got companies to look at online branding in a major way. Kaka Advertising has created a comprehensive online promotion and support system to facilitate brand enhancement and reach in terms of the intended target audience.
The agency also provides a whole range of Online Advertising and Promotion Related Services including Service Engine Optimization on Google, Yahoo and other sites to promote Brands as the most visible and obvious choice for online customers.

Kaka Advertising creates theme based exhibitions stalls on a turnkey basis. The services provided by the agency for exhibitions and stalls is wide ranging and includes thematic conceptualization of the exhibition stall , designing of the exhibition stall , installation of the exhibition stall , along with providing support staff for the stall to make an exhibition stall a successful representation of our clients objectives in terms of participation in an exhibition.

Since Kaka Advertising works on the smallest details in Branding, it creates a symmetry of visual and text interpretation, which makes the identification of the brand more identifiable. The agency provides comprehensive packaging for branding of the corporate identity from Visiting Cards, Letter Heads, Brochures, Leaflets and others. The agency is able to achieve a synergy of purpose and presentation of the corporate identity it works, from the smallest representation to the biggest representation, agency is able to create a symmetrical and identifiable corporate identity for its clients.

Kaka Advertising is into theme based event management on a turnkey basis. The emphasis is on giving the theme based events a comprehensive coverage and media blitz, which reaches the intended target audience and fulfil the brand objectives. The agency provides complete event management solutions to its clients from choosing a Theme for the event, conceptualization of the Theme, Implementation of the Theme for the event and complete man power support to make the Event a grand success.

KAKA Advertising Agency also provides public relations (PR) and media relations related services to our clients. The current complex nature of the advertising industry makes it unwise for an organization to solely depend on conventional advertising methods.
Thus, PR and media relation campaigns help make our projects/assignments/ campaigns more effective and yield maximum results. Our resourceful and well connected Media Relations team offers PR related solutions for even the most challenging and complicated campaigns. Our strategy includes issuing Press Releases, lobbying with journalists and the media thus ensuring maximum coverage and publicity. Large media buying from the agency also gives us an edge over the competition to arrange visibility oriented coverage for you. An important aspect of our media relations activities is our MEDIA WATCH services. Here we keep a close watch on anything that appears in the media regarding our client. In case of any negative coverage we promptly act and issue a rebuttal release countering the negative publicity.
The media relations division is supplemented by our Event Management Division to organise events for you. These include Press Conferences, Dealer Conferences and other sales promotion activities. All these services are offered on a mutually agreeable retainership fee.

Kaka Advertising provides comprehensive electronic media solutions to its clients. The agency provide pre-production , production and post- production solutions for a wide range electronic media options including TVCs , Documentaries , Corporate Films , Radio Spots , Radio Jingles , Short Films and films for the Digital Media . The agency has in house facilities for each of the pre-production, production and post-production work on the electronic media options. The agency has a talented team of professionals including Script Writers, Directors, Technicians, Cinematographers and Support Staff, who are competent to cater the most diverse range of Electronic Media requirements.

Kaka Advertising has a proven track record in creating path breaking Print Media Campaigns for its clients. The emphasis of the agency has been on creating relevant, interesting and incisive Print Media campaigns, which fulfil the Print Media Campaign objectives and create an impact on the intended target audience and further create a platform for enhanced Brand Loyalty for the production. The agency has done some remarkable Print Media Campaigns which have had a lasting impact on the intended target audience. The agency has always believed in creating Print Media campaigns, which are simple interesting and can create a lasting impact.

Kaka Advertising has provided its clients across various cities strategically placed outdoor media solutions. The text and visual interpretation which the agency provides are according to the requirements of an Outdoor Campaign, so that the impact is instant. The agency has ensured that the strategically located outdoor media options including Hoardings, Standees, Bus Shelters, Bus Panels and others give maximum visibility to the brand in terms of reaching out to the intended target audience in a cost effective way.