PR Services

KAKA Advertising Agency also provides public relations (PR) and media relations related services to our clients. The current complex nature of the advertising industry makes it unwise for an organization to solely depend on conventional advertising methods.
Thus, PR and media relation campaigns help make our projects/assignments/ campaigns more effective and yield maximum results. Our resourceful and well connected Media Relations team offers PR related solutions for even the most challenging and complicated campaigns. Our strategy includes issuing Press Releases, lobbying with journalists and the media thus ensuring maximum coverage and publicity. Large media buying from the agency also gives us an edge over the competition to arrange visibility oriented coverage for you. An important aspect of our media relations activities is our MEDIA WATCH services. Here we keep a close watch on anything that appears in the media regarding our client. In case of any negative coverage we promptly act and issue a rebuttal release countering the negative publicity.
The media relations division is supplemented by our Event Management Division to organise events for you. These include Press Conferences, Dealer Conferences and other sales promotion activities. All these services are offered on a mutually agreeable retainership fee.